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Other blogs to follow: yoga edition

Climbing had its time in the sun, now it’s time to give yoga a little bit of love! Installment #2 of my 3-part “other blogs to follow” series (AKA the “who you should cheat on us with” series), featuring four of the most unique yoga blogs I could find! Click on the blog title to go to their homepage, or click on my favorite posts to read that article! Check them out, let me know what you think, and let me know of any quality blogs I may have left out!



PeaceLoveYoga is a lovely little blog managed by Laruga Glaser, who runs an Ashtanga yoga academy in Stockholm, Sweden. Content abounds on this site — Glaser posts often, but just little insightful tidbits at a time, to tease you and leave you wanting more. In part personal blog, other part photo series (the light, airy photography featured on the sight is absolutely stunning), posts can be on quite a range of topics; from inspiration, to gear recommendations, to current happenings at her yoga academy. She often posts videos she collects from throughout the internet, which express some pretty perceptive views on mindfulness, and the state of the body and mind during yoga. She links to her youtube channel, which has a multitude of some really great Ashtanga demonstrations by Glaser herself. She teaches Ashtanga in the Mysore style, and frequently travels to Mysore, India, to train and teach at the Yogayama yoga academy there. She’s quite the traveler, and I like to live vicariously through her by following her brief posts from all over the world. PeaceLoveYoga is a great way to start your morning off with a little zen, and to maybe to start feeling the itch of the travel bug!

Favorite posts:

“Maintaining a Meditative Energy During Yoga”

“I Rise”

“Ashtanga Yoga Demonstration, Part 2”

“A Tribute to Discomfort”


Metal Yoga

If this seems like a little bit of an oxymoron, that’s because it is. As someone who has never been into metal music, or really anything louder than the vacuum cleaner, I did not expect to be into this blog. But this blog is not so much about metal, as it is the yoga mentality. The blog is a simple layout, and needs a little formatting help, but it’s clear that the nameless, long-haired and tatted author is really only focused on his writing. Set aside some time for this one, because the author definitely waxes eloquent, but his ideas on the human thought process, especially in regards to yoga, are interesting and thoughtful. Both self-deprecating and insightful, Metal Yoga’s posts are beautifully written, and it’s obvious that he has reached a level of mindfulness in yoga that many of us have not yet attained.  His ideas are abstract, yet clear — instead of saying “Feel one with the universe,” he explains how to feel one with the universe, and what that sensation might actually feel like. Most of it is relatable, although some of it definitely went over my head. For some different views on yoga, or as a former philosophy major looking to delve once again into the profound and abstract, check out Metal Yoga.

Favorite posts:

“Bulletproof Yoga”

“Your Band Sucks”

“Better Than the Fist”

“Patience of the Ages”


Yoga Dork

A more light-hearted, general interest blog for the yoga enthusiast. Yoga Dork collects the latest news and happenings in the practice of yoga as a whole. It’s a little like BuzzFeed for the yogi’s soul — there are GIFS, cute animals, mug shots, and a “What’s Your Yoga Mat’s Name?” quiz. (For the record, mine will henceforth be known as “Dr. Dirty Partner.”) Yoga Dork is a really great amalgamation of yoga topics, both fun and informational. The site is organized really well, with sections for teachers, opinions, celebrities doing yoga, and even a bit of science. It’s not all just pulp, though. Some of the posts dig deep into the business and culture of yoga, and express some pretty tough, eye-opening opinions. Yoga Dork is a great site to peruse over morning coffee, so you can then spit it out everywhere after seeing more photos of men posing in tight yoga pants than you ever thought necessary.

Favorite posts:

“Pets Interrupting Yoga is Adorable, Hilarious, and So, So True”

“Stopping Migraines Before They Start (And After!)”  – A must read for migraine sufferers!

“The Cost of Yoga, for What It’s Worth”

“Is the Cult of Yoga Ruining the Culture of Yoga?”


Fuck Yeah Yoga

“Life is buddhaful” proclaims this Tumblr, and every post is a celebration of the practice of yoga, and the people who practice it. The site is an open forum of sorts, with users submitting photos, quotes and videos to the Tumblr’s administrators, who post them in a timely manner. The photos and videos of regular people practicing regular yoga are funny, human, and always inspiring. Nothing gets me more psyched to bust out my mat than seeing so many people doing what they love, and attempting to share it with other like-minded folks. The quotes submitted a pretty great, too; short, sweet and set on a sepia background, most likely. And since it’s Tumblr, there are obviously an abundance of girls doing yoga in bikinis, if that’s your sort of thing. As for me, I think I’ll go back to the men in yoga pants! F#%k yeah!

Favorite posts:

Jun. 27

Jun. 10

May 21

April 16 – So true! DO IT. Get off this site and go do yoga!


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