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Episode 20 – Ian King

RedRockWinterHeatIanKing1 (1)

Ian King considers himself a lifestylist of the climbing sort. I got to know Ian through our mutual relationship with Misty Mountain Threadworks – we’re both Misty ambassadors – and to this day I haven’t met a climber who so thoroughly enjoys being part of climbing photo shoots. (Thank you for the countless days climbing old school routes for me, …

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Episode 15 – Jon Glassberg & Jordan Shipman

Louder Than 11 Jon Glassberg Jordan Shipman Action in Solitude Podcast 1

Jon Glassberg and Jordan Shipman are the co-founders of Louder Than 11. You’ve probably seen some of their online videos or maybe even caught one of their climbing competition live broadcasts. They’ve come a long way since their first videos, like Colorado Glow, and now they’re leaders in the climbing media landscape. I took a drive over to their office …

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Episode 14 – Julie Ellison

Julie Ellison Action in Solitude Podcast

Julie Ellison joined the staff of Climbing Magazine back in 2010 when the magazine was sailing through turbulent waters. Over the next six years she gained the respect of the industry and became a leading voice in climbing media. Recently, Julie was promoted to Editor-in-Chief. But the road to the top hasn’t been easy for Julie. Since joining the staff at Climbing Magazine it …

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Episode 11 – Whitney Boland

Even though Whitney Boland was born in Florida, a state with absolutely no worthwhile climbing and went to school in Ohio, a state with very limited climbing, somehow she fell in love with the sport and made a career of it. She serves as a contributing editor for Rock & Ice. She climbs for Black Diamond, La Sportiva, and Sterling. …

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Episode 10 – Paul Nelson

Paul Nelson is a lot of things. He holds a PhD in history. He’s a Misty Mountain and Blue Ridge Outdoors sponsored climber. He authored a book called Wrecks of Human Ambition: A History of Utah’s Canyon Country to 1936. He started playing guitar at the age of five and recently started playing bluegrass mandolin. To say he’s a passionate individual would be a …

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Episode 5 – Kathy Karlo

Kathy Karlo Action in Solitude Podcast Kevin Riley

I first met Kathy Karlo during a trad climbing trip to Tennessee Wall in Chattanooga. I was looking for athletes to film. A friend of a friend suggested I reach out to a visiting climber from Brooklyn that loves to climb off-widths. We talked. We made plans. A couple days later we met in the parking lot and headed up …

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Rock Climbing Gear Must Haves

climbing little cottonwood canyon up rope andrew tower action in solitude

WORDS BY ANDREW TOWER Like any self respecting climber, I’m moderately to considerably obsessed with the gear I use. I love all the widgets, hoodads, and whatsits involved in my ascents. I love talking with people about what shoes work well for certain situations, why some cams actually do work better in some rocks than in others, and how the …

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