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Episode 22 – Irene Yee

Irene Yee Action in Solitude Podcast Episode 22

Her name is Irene Yee but many know her by her Instagram username, @LadyLockOff. She is a photographer from Las Vegas, Nevada that has earned Instagram fame for her stunning photographs that capture the joy and beauty of climbing and outdoor adventure from a wide variety of perspectives. I briefly …

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Episode 14 – Julie Ellison

Julie Ellison Action in Solitude Podcast

Julie Ellison joined the staff of Climbing Magazine back in 2010 when the magazine was sailing through turbulent waters. Over the next six years she gained the respect of the industry and became a leading voice in climbing media. Recently, Julie was promoted to Editor-in-Chief. But the road to the top hasn’t been easy …

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Episode 13 – Timmy O’Neill

Timmy O'Neill Action in Solitude Podcast

Timmy O’Neill’s career in the outdoor industry had taken him in many direction. From his modest start as a cashier at the Old Faithful Gift Shop in Yellowstone, to breaking the-then speed record for climbing The Nose on “El Cap” in Yosemite, to founding Paradox Sports, a non-profit organization that helps …

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Episode 9 – Andres Marin

Andres Marin Ice Climbing AMGA Guide Action in Solitude Podcast Kevin Riley

Andres Marin won’t tell you he’s a badass climber, but don’t let him fool you. He is. He has represented the United States in five Ice Climbing World Cups, which is a bit funny since he was born in Columbia and lived there for most of his youth. As an AMGA mountain …

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Training Day, Bring the Pain – Day 1

A couple weeks ago an acquaintance asked if I wanted to compete in the Zion – Ragnar Team Relay coming up on April 24. It took a couple days to commit, but I was in. I ran the Kahtoola Agassiz Uphill earlier in the year and loved the race vibe. It was …

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Training for Control – The Yoga Bandhas


Picture a runner. On flat ground their breath and strides remain steady and effortless, but then they round a corner and hit a hill with 10% grade. Everything, from their pace to their breathing, changes. Immediately their quads take the brunt of the work, their breath loses its cadence, and the hill …

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