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Episode 21 – Obe Carrion

Obe Carrion Action in Solitude Podcast Kevin Riley Episode 21

While back in Boston to do some landscaping for a buddy I had the opportunity to sit down with Obe Carrion at Metro Rock (Everett) where he currently resides as the head coach and operations manager. I was excited to speak with Obe about his upbringing in Pennsylvania and what …

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Episode 18 – Buzz Burrell

Buzz Burrell Action in Solitude Podcast Header 1

Adventurer Buzz Burrell grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, but it wasn’t long before he packed his bags and headed west to Colorado to be in the mountains. Over the next five and a half decades he set fastest known time (FKT) records on the Colorado Trail (486 miles) and the John …

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Episode 17 – Maura Kistler

Maura Kistler Waterstone Outdoors Podcast Header

If there’s one thing you can’t call Maura Kistler it’s sedentary. She’s always doing something to bring people – climbers, kayakers, outdoor enthusiasts – together to build community, all while running her gear shop, WaterStone Outdoors, and teaching. Her unbounded drive, self deprecating humor, and straight-at-it attitude has been an …

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Episode 16 – Jeremy Quentin

As I’ve gotten to know Jeremy Quentin (plays under the moniker Small Houses) over the years he’s become one of my favorite people. We don’t see each other much, since he lives in Austin and I in Denver. But from time to time we cross paths in different cities across …

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Episode 15 – Jon Glassberg & Jordan Shipman

Louder Than 11 Jon Glassberg Jordan Shipman Action in Solitude Podcast 1

Jon Glassberg and Jordan Shipman are the co-founders of Louder Than 11. You’ve probably seen some of their online videos or maybe even caught one of their climbing competition live broadcasts. They’ve come a long way since their first videos, like Colorado Glow, and now they’re leaders in the climbing …

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Episode 14 – Julie Ellison

Julie Ellison Action in Solitude Podcast

Julie Ellison joined the staff of Climbing Magazine back in 2010 when the magazine was sailing through turbulent waters. Over the next six years she gained the respect of the industry and became a leading voice in climbing media. Recently, Julie was promoted to Editor-in-Chief. But the road to the top hasn’t been easy …

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Episode 9 – Andres Marin

Andres Marin Ice Climbing AMGA Guide Action in Solitude Podcast Kevin Riley

Andres Marin won’t tell you he’s a badass climber, but don’t let him fool you. He is. He has represented the United States in five Ice Climbing World Cups, which is a bit funny since he was born in Columbia and lived there for most of his youth. As an AMGA mountain …

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Episode 8 – Molly Kitchen

Molly Kitchen Podcast Yoga Herbalism Action in Solitude Kevin Riley

Kevin meets up with Molly Kitchen at her beautiful new home in Montague, Massachusetts to discuss yoga, herbalism and life choices. Molly talks about growing up in a typical midwestern family in Kalamazoo, Michigan, her transformative years at Humboldt State in California, working on an organic farm in Hawaii, and the Yoga …

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Episode 7 – Josh Helke

Josh Helke Organic Climbing Podcast Action in Solitude Kevin Riley Bouldering

When speaking to Josh Helke, owner and founder of Organic Climbing, it quickly became evident that his passion for quality products is equal to his immense passion for climbing and bouldering. He’s not a flashy guy, nor one to toot his own horn (maybe it’s his humble Midwesterner upbringing), but when …

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Episode 6 – Jeff Popp

Jeff Popp MHM Action in Solitude Podcast Kevin Riley

It’s hard to start an outdoor brand. Like really hard. I’ve always admired those that ignore the odds and go at it full steam. So I enjoyed having product designer and founder of MHM Jeff Popp stop by the basement studio to talk about growing up in Golden, CO, snowboarding for …

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