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Irene Yee Action in Solitude Podcast Episode 22

Episode 22 – Irene Yee

Her name is Irene Yee but many know her by her Instagram username, @LadyLockOff. She is a photographer from Las Vegas, Nevada that has earned Instagram fame for her stunning photographs that capture the joy and beauty of climbing and outdoor adventure from a wide variety of perspectives. I briefly met Irene Yee a couple years ago, but I really got to know her last winter when I unexpectedly took a guiding job in Vegas and needed a place to stay. She opened her home to me and I stayed in her guest room. She was working crazy hours at her Cirque du Soleil job. I barely saw her. The few times I did see her she was always editing photos in her office. I was impressed with her dedication to the craft and personal grit.¬†Irene and I sat down in the van to chat about what she’s been up to since I last saw her, why she started photographing climbing, and what it was like growing up in New Paltz, NY. Enjoy!

(Header image by Irene Yee from our adventure on Group Therapy (5.7) last winter.)

About Kevin Riley

Kevin Riley has been a rock climbing and general outdoor enthusiast since 1998, served as the associate publisher for Climbing and Urban Climber magazines, and co-founded the Denver-based non-profit, First Ascenders. He graduated from UMASS (Amherst).

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  1. Great interview! Getting real with Irene – it’s so worth the listen! Irene’s photography is talented, inspired, and inspiring, but what I love is that she captures the true process of climbing. She also doesn’t hide her history – we all begin somewhere – and she embraces the fact that most of us climb the easy to moderates, and yes, top roping is just pure fun. Thanks for representing Irene!

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