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Michael Daves playing at the Rockwood Music Hall in New York City.

Live: Michael Daves at The Rockwood Music Hall in NYC

For almost eight years now Michael Daves has been playing at The Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan. Week after week, the Brooklyn’based bluegrass musician takes the stage wearing his signature Converse Chuck Taylor shoes and Buddy Holly glasses. Sometimes he plays solo. Sometimes he brings up friends, like Chris Thile, to join him. When listening to the virtuoso it’s hard to believe you’re in New York City, and not a bastion of country music, like Nashville or Austin. His picking hand swings with unbelievable speed and accuracy. That his left hand can keep up on the fretboard seems like pure luck. But luck has little to do with it. This man was built for dirty, straight ahead bluegrass.

These recordings are from his show at Rockwood Music Hall on Tuesday, November 18th.

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