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Gear Review: Circle Goddess Yoga Bag

For the yoga enthusiast (or yoga noob!) who likes to keep things cute, Circle Goddess’ Etsy line of handmade yoga bags combines form and function to make a lightweight and stylish tote for your yoga mat. It offers a little bit more than the standard yoga bag with two elastic pockets on the outside, to hold yoga blocks or other props. However, it’s much slimmer than most of the other more utilitarian bags. The bags come in a variety of ever-changing colors and patterns, and each bag is hand-sewn by Circle Goddess’ own Alana Jensen. The bags are 100 percent cotton and machine-washable, because you never know what can happen sometimes!

I used the bag to carry to a Vinyasa session, and found the bag to be surprisingly sturdy despite its delicate appearance. My standard size mat fit easily into the bag, without fuss. The outer pockets were awesome to keep my phone and keys in, as well as my Nalgene. However, I had to be careful when setting the bag down to make sure my smaller items did not fall out of the loose pockets. The soft cotton strap didn’t cut into my bare shoulder, eliminating the ugly red mark I sometimes sport after carrying a rougher bag. And probably best of all, the bag was a fun conversation piece. Its unique appearance begged the question “Where did you get that?”

Circle Goddess’ Etsy Page – Click Here

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