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Burning: Your Body as Its own Icy-Hot Patch

We have all awoken in the morning to find our muscles tight and sore from a grueling workout the previous day. Termed “delayed onset muscle soreness” (DOMS), this malady occurs when physical exertion exceeds your body’s muscular capabilities. Whether you ran an 8-mile uphill trail or made an extreme effort on your project route (you know, the one with the roof …

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Training for Control – The Yoga Bandhas


Picture a runner. On flat ground their breath and strides remain steady and effortless, but then they round a corner and hit a hill with 10% grade. Everything, from their pace to their breathing, changes. Immediately their quads take the brunt of the work, their breath loses its cadence, and the hill beats them before they even begin. Now imagine a climber, …

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Your First Yoga Class – Before and After

My first experience in a yoga studio put me through a wide array of emotions. At the start, I felt uncomfortable. I had never practiced yoga before, nor had I chanted “om” (at least not in any serious manner). I had no flexibility and I was scrawny. As the class continued, I suffered through the sun salutations; my spindly arms …

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9 Yoga Styles and When to Use Them

Shambhava Whole Yoga Denver Uptown Action in Solitude

Yoga studios. In some cities they are as common as hipster coffee shops and adorn every city block. Within a square mile you can find a hatha yoga studio, a Bikram yoga studio and, one block over, a vinyasa studio. As a beginner yogi, convinced that you should give yoga a try, you experience one of the biggest nightmares known to …

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Let’s Get One Thing Straight – Yoga is Not About Flexibility

Yoga Dancer Pose Natarajasana Molly Joyce

The most common (and unsubstantial) excuse people use in order to avoid attending my yoga class is, “I’m not flexible.” Stop there. Before going further, let’s get one thing straight – yoga is not about flexibility, its a damn good perk though. The reason I say this excuse is unsubstantial is because it is misguided, reflects ignorance of what yoga is truly about, and …

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Start with the Basics with Molly Joyce

My scrawny, spindly arms shook like Elvis’ leg as I poorly attempted Vashistasana (Side Plank). My wrists felt sore from holding plank for a whole ten seconds. My awkward attempt at Virabhadrasana I (Warrior 1) looked more like an 1980s rock guitarist’s power stance. This was my first experience in a yoga class – purely humbling and embarrassing but also …

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Yoga, Herbalism and the Practice of Patience

Molly Kitchen Yoga Herbalist Health Action in Solitude

By Molly Kitchen – http://www.mollykitchen.com/ We are all students of life. Just by the very fact of your existence as a human, you’ve taken on this fundamental studentship, called adhikara in Sanskrit. And it’s obvious to most of us, being a human ain’t always easy! In fact, it can often be quite a challenge to keep a balanced perspective. One way …

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Modify your Shut-Eye: 7 Yoga Poses to Help You Sleep at Night

My bedtime routine is probably the worst out of everyone I know. I usually stay out pretty late (you know, doing hoodrat stuff with my friends), and by the time I get home, all I have time for is brushing my teeth and rolling into bed. This isn’t the best procedure for quieting my mind down enough to sleep, however, …

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Other blogs to follow: yoga edition

Climbing had its time in the sun, now it’s time to give yoga a little bit of love! Installment #2 of my 3-part “other blogs to follow” series (AKA the “who you should cheat on us with” series), featuring four of the most unique yoga blogs I could find! Click on the blog title to go to their homepage, or click …

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