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Living out of your truck: 5 things you can’t live without.

Truck Life Action in Solitude

It’s a romantic undertaking, living out of a vehicle, traveling from town to town. Over the past 9 months Bird-Dog,  2004 GMC Canyon has provided me a comfortable home in every possible environment you could image. Whether I was residing in an urban jungle like New york City or Detroit or someplace more rustic like Boulder Canyon or the Berkshire …

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Best Camping in America: Orient Land Trust Valley View Hot Springs in Northern San Luis Valley, Colorado

Orient Land Trust Valley View Hot Springs Colorado Road

Whether you’re in Colorado for the skiing or rock climbing or any other recreational pursuit make sure you take the time to visit one of the best camping spots in America. The Orient Land Trust (OLT) Valley View Hot Springs boasts stunning, panoramic views, rejuvenating hot springs, and a leisurely trail network to explore. It’s also easily accessible from Denver, just 175 …

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(Video) Best Backpacking in America: North Manitou Island

The Chippawa tell a story of the Sleeping Bear Dunes that goes like this. A long time ago there was a great fire that chased a family of bears to the eastern shores of Wisconsin. The mother bear, Mishe-Mokwa, and her two cubs attempted to swim across Lake Michigan to safety. Mishe-Mokwa made it, but the two cubs drowned. The …

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