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Paleo and Josh Dillard Perform at The Ubisububi Room

Paleo performing "A View of the Sky" at the UBisububi Room in Denver, CO.

On December 18t, 2014 Josh Dillard and Paleo, two very talented singer songwriters performed at The Ubisububi Room, a small basement turned listening room that sits below Thin Man Tavern in Denver, CO. The sold out show started promptly at 9:00pm when Josh took the stage. Later that night Paleo took to the stage. We were able to film the first song of …

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Joe Sampson performs “Sunshine” at the Ubisububi Room in Denver, CO

On December 4th, 2014 Denver-based musician, Joe Sampson performed “Sunshine” at the Ubisububi Room in Denver, Colorado. After playing a few songs Joe Sampson handed over the stage to Patrick Dethlefs, another Colorado-based singer-songwriter. Both musicians filled the intimate space beautifully before a crowd of 30 lucky listeners.

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Live: Michael Daves at The Rockwood Music Hall in NYC

For almost eight years now Michael Daves has been playing at The Rockwood Music Hall in Manhattan. Week after week, the Brooklyn’based bluegrass musician takes the stage wearing his signature Converse Chuck Taylor shoes and Buddy Holly glasses. Sometimes he plays solo. Sometimes he brings up friends, like Chris Thile, to join him. When listening to the virtuoso it’s hard …

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Burly Beers: Recommended brews for whichever outdoor sport you choose

Pairing fancy wines with fancy foods is old hat now, by this point. Everyone and their mother can tell you just what dried meat to munch while sipping on that freshly popped Sauvignon Blanc. But did you know beer pairing is a thing, too? For example, try a curry with your IPA, raspberry cheesecake with that porter, and that freshly …

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