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Hey Baby, Climb Here Often? 10 Pickup lines that Always Work on Climbers

Valentine’s Day is here folks, the most beloved and simultaneously hated holiday in the U.S. It’s a pain when you’re single on Valentine’s Day, because it either serves as a reminder of how alone you are, or how broke you are as you try to afford a semi-decent dinner for your significant other. Anyways, for us rock climbers, climbing can …

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This New Year’s, I Resolve To … Compete in More Local Competitions

Here’s why you should make a New Year’s resolution to try more of the for-fun competitions your local gym hosts. Besides friends, kickin’ comp playlists and probably beer, there’s actually a lot your climbing can get out of competing for fun. I remember my very first competition. It was the tail end of 2002, and I was 11 years old. It …

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Bouldering at Lynn Woods, Massachusetts with Jerome Boutaud

Jerome Boutaud about to send Tree Hugger at Lynn Woods Reservation, MA.

GUEST POST BY JEROME BOUTAUD Forewarning:  This should go without saying but please remember that climbing at Lynn Woods is a privilege and not a right. Climbers should always remember to be cautious when visitin Pack out what you bring in, be courteous to the other users of the park. Don’t destroy the vegetation, stay on established trails. Info: Lynn …

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Embrace the hurt: What my climbing injuries have taught me

I consider myself to be fairly lucky. In my approximately 13 years climbing, I have sustained, what I consider to be, a small amount of injuries. Yes, I did bash my head open after I swung into the wall at the age of 11, and at 14 I had a brief bout with tendonitis in my left ring finger. I …

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The 10 Cars Seen at Every Crag Parking Lot, Ever

Crag parking lots have always been a hodge-podge of the old and new, the clean and the polished to the dented and the dirty. And I’m not just talking cars. Crag parking lots are usually pretty mundane, with the plethora of Subarus and Toyota ForeRunners neatly parked next to each other, but a couple wild cards somehow always rattle their way …

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Bouldering in the Lights with Paulie Abissi at Cooper’s Rock State Forest

Paulie Abissi on Helicopter (V5) at Cooper's Rock State Forest, WV

The Bouldering in the Lights Tour met up with Grand Rapids, MI native and local climbing gym operator, Paulie Abissi to shoot classic Cooper’s Rock State Forest boulder problems at night. There was one problem though. The park closes at dusk. We learned this on the first night when park rangers flashed their lights, sounded their sirens, and beckoned us back …

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