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7 Gifts I Hope Santa Brings Me

Action in Solitude Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Most years I wait until the last possible minute to pick up gifts for family and friends. It’s a stressful situation. But this year I vowed to get my shopping done on time, and I did it! With all my holiday shopping behind me I decided to take a little stroll around the internet and draft a personal wishlist for …

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Took the Leap to Unlock the Peak

Mount Toll Kevin Riley Aug 2017

I woke up in the back of my truck at Mitchell Lake Trailhead in the Indian Peaks not wanting to run, climb, nor scramble. I had an uneasy feeling in my stomach. It was the feeling I had a week earlier when I had the same objective, scrambling from Mount Audubon to Paiute Peak to Mount Toll, which requires a …

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Mama, I Finally Used the Snowshoes You Bought Me

Snowshoeing Walker Ranch

  Mama, I finally used the snowshoes you got me for my birthday when I was in high school. Reminded me of the times we’d drive up the road a few blocks to Covington Middle School on cold winter nights way after the sun had gone down so only the parking lot lights and the headlamps of passing cars and trucks …

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At a Dive Bar With Friends

At a Dive Bar With Friends

When I left the house she texted she was going to be late. I was running on time so now I had time to grab a drink before she arrived. I ordered red wine. She texted again she was going to be another 10 minutes late. To pass the time I checked my mobile accounts and news stories. Nothing new. …

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New Bouldering Problems at Whitney and Thayer Woods

Whitney and Thayer Skyline Wall

This was my third season working in Boston. My college roommate Matty left the Harvard Arboretum a few years back and started a landscaping business. He asked if I wanted to make some money. I did. Thought I’d work a few days here and a few days there. Little did I know, it quickly became a grueling, yet fulfilling full-time …

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Watching the River Flow

Rainbow Slabs White Mountains New Hampshire 1

I got lost in the woods looking for a large band of gray, granite slab that can’t be missed from the road. I returned to the car to recalibrate, crossed the river again and headed north up the hillside. It’s hot. It’s humid. I’m sweating through my small pack that’s holding my water, snacks, guidebook and smoke. Disgusting. I descend what …

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Allas de la Montañas

Mountain Mind Allas de la Montanas Morgan Miller Action in Solitude 40

PART I From a Tal to a Valle Alpental Valley, WA  August 9th Restful movement through the home mountains. Starting the day, a big breakfast with a partner before he sets out on his solo journey, I continue the morning packing and prepping my gear & possessions for the three weeks I’ll spend on the road in the Andes Mountains. …

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New Mountain New Snow

Mountain Mind New Mountain New Snow Action in Solitude 2

What was to be a few days on the mountain with close partners cruising around the ice, partying with the sunset, making lazy summer ski turns, eating big backcountry meals–quickly became a full-on training mission. For two days the summer-long drought afflicting the Cascades decided to take a wet and windy break from a seemingly endless summer. Snapped tent-lines, saturated …

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Two Minutes of Perfection

Morgan Miller Washington Backcountry Skiing

March 6th—Western Slope of the Cascades Time and space is changing.  Last season, upon reaching the coveted #100, I had that strong and familiar feeling that a big round of changes was afoot. There was some unsettlement, but I accepted it, as what other choice is there? My dear friend, mountain brother and climbing partner died. My occupation and time …

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