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Show your true colors: 5 crazy-patterned yoga mats to spice up your practice

A yoga mat does not a yogi make, but having a sweet looking mat certainly can’t hurt, right? A brightly colored mat may distract others from noticing your terrible form, or disguise the massive sweat marks you left after that last cobra pose. Or at the very least, it can be a conversation piece after practice to help you connect with other like-minded yogis! Here are the five brightest, most obnoxious yoga mats I could find, for those who like a little color during their yoga practice. All of the mats listed are pretty chunky at ¼” thick, and are made from non-toxic and latex-free PVC.

mandalamat La Vie Boheme

 Along with Boho-themed yoga accessories and apparel, La Vie Boheme makes a pretty epic series of yoga mats and yoga rugs. Dream catchers, Native American art and Middle Eastern rug prints are the inspiration for LVB’s mat prints. None of it is super dude-friendly, but these mats are perfect for the So Cal girl that likes to Instagram from the mat.

Magic Carpet

 magiccarpetyogaThe name pretty much says it all — these mats look like something straight out of One Thousand and One Nights. I mean, we’ve all had that especially tough practice where we wish our mat could just whisk us away, back home to where there’s beer and a nice soft bed, right? Right, I thought so. The mats come in four different styles: two Southwestern, a Middle Eastern and an Art Deco print that I’m afraid might shatter, it looks so much like stained glass. The mats are hand-painted and super artsy-looking — you might actually get away with telling everyone at your studio that you painted it yourself if it wasn’t for that stupid Lululemon-wearing bish in your Wednesday morning Vinyasa flow that has the same mat but in a different color.


galacticmatWith Southwestern prints, Middle Eastern rug patterns and dream catchers, some of Namaspace’s mats look really similar to the previous two companies mentioned. But keep looking and you’ll find some really unique prints, with some that are actually (gasp!) dude-friendly. The mountain scene mat is perfect for the alpinist-turned-yogi, and the four space-themed prints are a great way to lure your man away from Star Wars and into Star Pose. Earthy yogis can rejoice, for Namaspace has a number of flower / tree themed mats. If you ultimately don’t end up liking any of their patterns, Namaspace does custom yoga mat printing, so you could put whatever inspires you on your mat, whether it’s your kids, the clouds above, or the cold pizza waiting in the fridge for you at home.

optimisticelephantOptimistic Elephant

Optimistic Elephant is a little Etsy store out of Wichita, Kansas. Creator Kasey Parson-Ochs hand-makes each mat one at a time, so you’ll most likely be the only person you know repping such a sweet tile-print mat. The mats are extra long at 71”, but Parson-Ochs says on her listing that she can cut mats shorter, if the buyer prefers.

yetiyogaYeti Yoga

 If Ikea made yoga mats, it would look a lot like Yeti Yoga’s prints. Another Etsy-only store, Yeti yoga makes a lot of more mod-looking mats, in Southwestern prints, tribal zig zags or color-blocked stripes. Oh my gosh! Is that ombré? Yes, it is ombré, so your mat can finally match your hair.

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