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New Bouldering Problems at Whitney and Thayer Woods

Whitney and Thayer Skyline Wall

This was my third season working in Boston. My college roommate Matty left the Harvard Arboretum a few years back and started a landscaping business. He asked if I wanted to make some money. I did. Thought I’d work a few days here and a few days there. Little did I know, it quickly became a grueling, yet fulfilling full-time ... Read More »

Episode 7 – Josh Helke

Josh Helke Organic Climbing Podcast Action in Solitude Kevin Riley Bouldering

When speaking to Josh Helke, owner and founder of Organic Climbing, it quickly became evident that his passion for quality products is equal to his immense passion for climbing and bouldering. He’s not a flashy guy, nor one to toot his own horn (maybe it’s his humble Midwesterner upbringing), but when he gets to talking it’s almost as if he gains ... Read More »

Bouldering at Lynn Woods, Massachusetts with Jerome Boutaud

Jerome Boutaud about to send Tree Hugger at Lynn Woods Reservation, MA.

GUEST POST BY JEROME BOUTAUD Forewarning:  This should go without saying but please remember that climbing at Lynn Woods is a privilege and not a right. Climbers should always remember to be cautious when visitin Pack out what you bring in, be courteous to the other users of the park. Don’t destroy the vegetation, stay on established trails. Info: Lynn ... Read More »

Who’s Your Spirit Climber?

sierra blair coyle off the couch spirit animal action in solitude

WORDS BY ANDREW TOWER This climber stopped doing this one thing and it completely changed his life. HA! I’m kidding. None of that sensationalized bullshit is true. I just wanted you to start reading this column. But now that you’re… hey wait! Don’t you dare close this tab. I promise a payoff. Really. Isn’t that all any of us are ... Read More »