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Photo Credit: blackdiamondequipment.com

Episode 11 – Whitney Boland

Even though Whitney Boland was born in Florida, a state with absolutely no worthwhile climbing and went to school in Ohio, a state with very limited climbing, somehow she fell in love with the sport and made a career of it. She serves as a contributing editor for Rock & Ice. She climbs for Black Diamond, La Sportiva, and Sterling. A number of outdoor industry brands hire her for marketing copy work. And she does all this from her home base in New Paltz, NY. Not a bad gig.

Whitney recently gave a talk at Rock & Snow in celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Gunks. Seemed like a good time to sit down with her and hear what she’s up to. Turns out she’s up to a lot. Whitney and Kevin sat down in the open spaced kitchen in her quaint home the bumps up against Minnewaska State Park and talked about her upbringing in Florida and Kentucky, how she got into climbing after losing interest in gymnastics, why she loves East Coast climbing, and her upcoming trip to Spain.



Photo Credit: blackdiamondequipment.com

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Kevin Riley has been a rock climbing and general outdoor enthusiast since 1998, served as the associate publisher for Climbing and Urban Climber magazines, and co-founded the Denver-based non-profit, First Ascenders. He graduated from UMASS (Amherst).

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