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Artist Showcase: Ty Maxon sings "Blackwater Wood" from Action in Solitude on Vimeo.

(Video) Artist Showcase: Ty Maxon sings “Blackwater Wood”

A few years ago, singer-songwriter Ty Maxon moved to Chicago, Illinois from a small town on the shores of Lake Michigan. At first, moving from the country to a large city was tough. “This city kind of scared the hell out of me when I fist moved here, cause it has an energy that’s always on,” said Maxon. However, as he began to feel more comfortable in the city the energy became a more positive source of motivation to write songs and create art. “I think the energy is still the same. It’s kind of like a creative energy. Something is always happening,” he said, with a slight sigh of relief.

Building on that energy, Ty Maxon is currently working on releasing his new album Bones. Maxon says about the album, “there’s actually a couple songs that I started like six years ago that I just forgot about. Then I was in Berlin walking around. For some reason I just remembered them. So I finished them, and they kind of made sense with this new album.” Maxon’s solo album is scheduled to be independently released this fall by Small Rooms Recording.

Maxon hasn’t done much touring in the past, but that seems to be changing. He’s currently interested in exploring all options put before him and wants to play live as much as he possibly can, whether that’s in Chicago or in cities across America.

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