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WoolX Explorer LS – Merino Midweight Baselayer Top: So Fresh and So Clean

If there’s one thing to say about WoolX it’s that they stand firmly behind their products. Wash and wear any WoolX garment for up to 30 days and don’t think it’s the softest and most itch-free merino wool you’ve ever worn, no problem. Return it no questions asked. Bold guarantee. Well, I put the Men’s Explorer LS Midweight Baselayer Top ($89.99) through the ringer for over 30 days. What did I find out? It’s just a great shirt.

I love the no frills construction of the WoolX Explorer. No tags to fuss with or zipper to break. No logo or silly patterns. A nice blend of quality materials and simple, smart design — that’s all. During testing it breathed, stretched, and regulated my temperature across a wide spectrum of conditions from high up in the Rocky Mountains to low down on the New England Coast. The 230gm midweight worked well as a standalone shirt in cooler temps or as a base layer in cold temps. It was everything I needed. 

WoolX claims to have the softest merino wool. After wearing their wool for over a month I tend to believe them. They use extremely fine merino wool, called Superfine Merino that ranges from 17.5 to 18.5 microns. (The finer the fibers the softer the material.) It was comfy from day one and it didn’t feel itchy for one second. In addition, they use flatlock seams to avoid uncomfortable rubbing. The entire shirt felt smooth as butter against the skin.

Since merino wool is naturally odor-resistant the garment rarely needed to be washed. (Wore the shirt three days straight while driving from Denver to Boston and it passed the sniff test. Impressive!) When it did need a cleaning it washed up easily, without any extra care. Simply ran it through the washer and dryer with the rest of my dirty laundry. Each time it came out clean and retained its shape beautifully. No pilling. No issues.

Overall, I highly recommend the WoolX Explorer for any outdoor enthusiasts that wants to invest in quality, high-performance clothing. Whether you’re into climbing, skiing, running, or biking you’ll get lots of use out of this incredible top.

WoolX Daily Briefs
WoolX Daily Briefs


I also tried out the WoolX Merino Wool Boxer Briefs ($44.99). Made from the same high performance merino wool these boxers are comfortable, moisture wicking, oder-resistant, and durable. Perfect for backpacking trips, skiing adventures, and longer trail runs. Simply put, these boxer briefs are perfect for any gentleman looking to keep everything in place and stay dry. Try on a pair of the WoolX Boxer Briefs and tell me you don’t feel ready for adventure. I double dog dare you.


Check out the entire WoolX line here: http://www.woolx.com/

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Kevin Riley has been a rock climbing and general outdoor enthusiast for over sixteen years, served as the associate publisher for Climbing and Urban Climber magazines, and co-founded the Denver-based non-profit, First Ascenders. He graduated from UMASS (Amherst).

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