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(Survey) Rock Climbing and Recreational Marijuana Use in Boulder, CO

(Survey) Rock Climbing and Recreational Marijuana Use in Boulder, CO


Unless you’ve been living under a rock that isn’t an elicit form of an illegal substance then you’ve probably been made aware that marijuana is legal for recreational use in Colorado and Washington. It’s no secret that climbers since the beginning of recreational climbing have been recreationally consuming pot (I hate the term “using”) in its various forms for just as long.

With that in mind we conducted a highly scientific study to determine a few things about the green stuff’s place in climbing culture. When I say highly scientific I mean that my friends at AIS stood outside an REI and a climbing gym in Boulder, Colorado and asked them to tap a few buttons on an iPad as they left. We’re a top level research organization.

Here’s the breakdown:

Rock Climbing and Recreational Marijuana Use in Boulder Colorado Up Rope! Action in Solittude

What then, if anything, can we draw from these stats? Allow me, if you will, to jump to some conclusions. I like jumping to conclusions. It’s much easier than walking gracefully. I find it astounding that by some crazy-how such a large percentage of folks have climbed under the influence of marijuana yet such a small percentage smoke regularly. You’d think that while participating in an activity that requires such concentration and fastidiousness in safety that folks would make sure they were pro pot smokers before straight diving into the deep end. This to me is like someone who’s had their driving permit for three months trying their hand at rally-car racing. Perhaps a hyperbolic analogy, but we’re jumping to conclusions remember?

What do you all think? Let us know in the comments! And by all means, jump to some conclusions, this is science after all.


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