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Bouldering at Lynn Woods, Massachusetts with Jerome Boutaud

Jerome Boutaud about to send Tree Hugger at Lynn Woods Reservation, MA.

GUEST POST BY JEROME BOUTAUD Forewarning:  This should go without saying but please remember that climbing at Lynn Woods is a privilege and not a right. Climbers should always remember to be cautious when visitin Pack out what you bring in, be courteous to the other users of the park. Don’t destroy the vegetation, stay on established trails. Info: Lynn ... Read More »

The 10 Cars Seen at Every Crag Parking Lot, Ever


Crag parking lots have always been a hodge-podge of the old and new, the clean and the polished to the dented and the dirty. And I’m not just talking cars. Crag parking lots are usually pretty mundane, with the plethora of Subarus and Toyota ForeRunners neatly parked next to each other, but a couple wild cards somehow always rattle their way ... Read More »